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Winter Freecell Solitaire

So the new-fallen snow outside was tempting enough for you to take a break from your computer and build your very own Frosty the Snowman. We completely understand! Now that you're ready to shake your winter chill off again, give Freecell a try! In this version of Solitaire, there are "free cells" (clever name, right?) that you can place unwanted cards in temporarily until you have a spot for them in your tableau or foundations. These free cells are great for getting cards out of the way, but they also open up opportunities to make "illegal moves." In general, the maximum amount of cards you can move at once is equal to the number of empty free cells plus one, and this number doubles for every open tableau column. Therefore, it is important to try to keep as many free cells open as possible, so you are able to move more cards around on the tableau. Create your foundations as you would in a normal Klondike Solitaire game, by suit in ascending order.

Winter Freecell Solitaire Strategy

  • Fill your "free cells" wisely, so you leave enough empty spaces to move multiple cards around
  • Stack your tableau by alternating colors and in descending order
  • Reveal all cards and place them in their foundations in order to win


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