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Winter 2 Suit Spider Solitaire

Take a break from the bustle of the holiday season and step up your Solitaire skills with Two Suit Spider Solitaire! You might think of it as the cinnamon zest in your freshly baked cookies; just a bit of added flavor! This version adds another suit to the mix, and with that second suit comes more of a challenge. Stack cards of the same suit on top of each other in descending order to win. While playing, you can place alternating suits on top of each other in the tableau in order to open up more plays, but you have to put them back into suited cascades in order to beat the game.

Winter Spider Tips

  • Eliminate entire runs of cards by stacking them by suit in descending order in the tableau
  • Alternate suits when necessary to keep play moving, but remember you cannot win this way
  • Deal a new row of cards if you get stuck and aren't ready to give up


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