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Winter Spider Solitaire

One of the good things about the brisk winter weather is that bugs aren't as common this time of year, but you certainly can't avoid the pesky eight-legged creatures in Spider Solitaire! In this version of the card game, you only work with one suit of cards. Having only one suit makes this version of Spider Solitaire the easiest, but don't be fooled; this game has its own unique challenges. Stack all cards in descending order and you win! If you need a little help, deal yourself a new row of cards from the draw pile. Unfortunately, it is easy to run out of moves in this game, so be patient and play strategically so you can move through all of your cards.

Winter Spider Solitaire Strategy

  • Once you have completed a cascade from King through Ace, it will disappear, leaving you with open spaces on the tableau
  • Place all cards in descending order in the tableau
  • Use the draw pile carefully, as it will place a new card onto each of your rows


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