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Winter 4 Suit Spider Solitaire

This version of Spider Solitaire is a lot like the first big snow of the season. You finally get the experience you've been building up to all year (or rather, in the other two versions of Spider Solitaire) by using all four suits! But then of course you realize that road travel can be quite a challenge, much like this version of the card game. While playing with four suits can surely cause your brain to spin out, you will be thrilled when you master this challenge! In this version, you can stack suits of the same color to win. This means you can put diamonds and hearts together, as well as spades and clubs until all cards are stacked in descending order and eliminated.

Winter Spider Solitaire Goals

  • Same color cards should be stacked in descending order in the tableau
  • Once you've completed an entire run from King through Ace, it will disappear, leaving you more room to work with
  • Don't let the wintry shades of blue confuse you!


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