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Winter Scorpion Solitaire

Well, you certainly wouldn't expect to find these poisonous creatures running around in the dead of winter, but they are still out to sting you with this version of Scorpion Solitaire! This game is ranked as one of the hardest to beat among all Solitaire games, but since you have a few months of being cooped up ahead of you, why not give it a go! The face down pile on the right has three cards that can be added into play at any time, kind of like the draw piles of the other versions of Solitaire. Stack your cards into four cascades, and as long as these runs go from King through Ace, they will count as a complete foundation; suits don't matter in this version of the game.

Winter Scorpion Solitaire Strategy

  • Stack cards in descending order to build complete runs of King through Ace
  • Suits don't matter
  • Any visible cards can be moved


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