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Winter Yukon Solitaire

If Solitaire games could be represented by the different degrees of winter weather across the world, Yukon Solitaire would be closer to the brutally cold and endless snowfall type of winter. This version of Solitaire adds a completely different, more challenging dimension to the game. You can move any visible cards in the tableau; the stack you pick up doesn't necessarily have to be in descending order. This makes the game move a little quicker because there are so many more arrangement options than before, but can also cause a bit more chaos. Good luck!

Yukon Solitaire Strategy

  • Cards in the tableau should be organized by descending order, and alternating suits
  • Foundations are built from Ace through King in each of the four suits
  • Since there is no draw pile in this version of Solitaire, once you're stuck, you're stuck! Don't fret if you can't figure this one out right away; practice makes perfect!


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